Wednesdays during Lent

following the 6:30 pm Mass
beginning February 24th, 2021.

What is adult faith formation?

Adult faith formation is the ongoing, lifelong process of finding and falling in love with God and His revelations through scripture, sacred tradition, and the teaching arm of the Church (Magisterium).

We have three major goals:
1. Invite and Enable Ongoing Conversion to Jesus in Holiness of Life.

2. Promote and Support Active Membership in the Christian Community.

3. Call and Prepare Adults to Act as Disciples in Mission to the World.

Why is adult faith formation Important?

We cannot love what we do not know, and we cannot give what we do not have.

The Apostle Peter tells the Christian faithful to always be prepared to defend and explain the Faith to those who ask (1 Peter 3:15). As people capable of responsible commitment to the Gospel, Christian adults have a special calling and mission to be the salt and light of the world. At Sacred Heart Church, we believe in supporting opportunities for adults to continue learning about their faith, and we believe in providing this free of charge to the public and throughout most of the year.

Classes are usually free and open to all adults of any faith tradition.

For more information, please contact the parish office.