The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults is a program for adults and children who were never baptized or baptized in another faith who are interested in joining the Catholic Church. The program begins in September and runs through mid-May.

Date and time to be announced

Although the classes begin in September, we invite anyone interested in joining the Church to contact the parish office at any time before or after then. He will meet with you to converse about your journey to the Church and fill out an application for our records. All are welcome!

It is a four-stage process that highlights different aspects of the Catholic faith in a manageable sequence. They are as follows:

For more information, please contact the parish office.

The process


This first stage is what the word implies, a time of questions. We do a brief overview of the main teachings of the Church. It is also a time for building community among the members of the group. This stage begins in September and goes until the first Sunday of Advent in either late November or early December. If a person feels that he/she would like to continue with this process, they move to the next phase.


During this time, the teaching becomes a little more in depth and intense. We discuss things like the seven sacraments, more background to the Scriptures, Church history, social justice and life issues. We also ask that the group attend one Mass on the weekend as a group, usually the Sunday 8:30 Mass, and be presented for the Dismissal. Because they cannot go to the Eucharist yet to be fed, we dismiss them with a team member after the homily to go over the readings for the Mass and be fed with the Scriptures. Those to be baptized will be referred to as catechumens while those who will make a profession of faith (stating their belief now in the teaching of the Catholic Church) will be referred to as candidates. During this time, they will also begin to work with their sponsors to guide them along the journey. This process begins with the first Sunday of Advent and runs until the Sunday before Ash Wednesday. If the members still feel that they would like to continue the process, they move into the next phase.


The period of Elect begins with the Rite of Sending at the parish on the Sunday morning of the Rite of Election later in the day. At the parish celebration, the catechumens (those to be baptized) will sign the Book of Elect to be presented to the bishop later in the day. At the Rite of Election, the bishop will recognize them as Elect. This period lasts from this ceremony until the retreat on Holy Saturday. At the Easter Vigil that night, they will become new Catholics. Then the next phase begins.


The time of Mystagogia is simply a time of continuing education. Every Catholic is in a state of mystagogia, whether they were baptized as infants or later. We should all be seeking to expand our understanding of our faith. For those who have just entered the Church, it is a time of reflecting on what they have experienced. The evenings of these sessions are times of reflection and conversation. We also invite parishioners to join us for these evenings to give feedback and share in the conversations with the new Catholics.